ceometric – .NET geometry solutions

ceometric provides efficient math libraries for 3d descriptive and computational geometry programming in a .NET language. Sources are available in C#.

Our libraries enable very intuitive and CAD-like working on geometric objects in space. All methods are highly efficient and robust, suitable for large scale computations. Get over 1000 methods and 30000 lines of .NET code around spatial geometry! Main features are:

NEW: Exact arithmetic constraint and conforming Deulaunay triangulations

NEW: Meshes and level of detail (L.O.D.)

NEW: 3d polylines generation from unordered edges and polyline simplification

Surface reconstruction from wireframe edges

Exact arithmetic 2d and 3d convex hulls.

2d minimum area and perimeter enclosing rectangles and smallest enclosing circles.

3d minimum volume bounding box approximation.

3d descriptive geometry: points, edges, lines, planes, triangles, circles, ellipses and arcs.

Easy visualization via dxf-format file output.

Stereolithography (STL) geometry import and export. Object file format (OFF) import.

Math beyond geometry: equation solver, eigenvalues, golden section optimization...

Comprehensive documentation.

Royalty-free full .NET source code licensing (C#).

Fully functional 30 day trial FOR FREE!